The Tradition Between “Cowekan and Bipang”

The Tradition Between “Cowekan and Bipang”

Cowekan comes from the word “Cowek” which is a container or place made of clay. Cowek contains an important message for humans, so they are always humble and not arrogant. Basically, Cowek is a cultural heritage of Kanjeng Sunan Ampel Surabaya.

Djangkar Biru

On the eve of the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad the residents usually held a recitation at the mosque. Everyone who comes to the study brings a Cowek, basket or layah which contains stuffed fruits, rice, salted eggs, koya and of course Bipang.

Bipang Jangkar is made from puffed rice and is mixed with liquid sugar. Bipang most sought after at the month of the Prophet’s Birthday is Djangkar Hijau and Djangkar Biru. These two bipangs are the most legendary bipang, because they were first produced since 1949.

Puffed rice made from rice, one of the products of the earth, symbolizes life and is an expression of gratitude to God. Therefore the contents of Cowek are usually in the form of agricultural products such as fruits, eggs, rice (which is represented by bipang, rice). This cowekan tradition is in line with Javanese philosophy which is strongly held by the Bangil people. “Nek uripmu kepenak, elingo soko opo asalmu (if you have a good life, remember where you are from).

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