Excited about Bipang, Khofifah and Gus Ipul showing off Bipang Jangkar from Pasuruan

Excited about Bipang, Khofifah and Gus Ipul showing off Bipang Jangkar from Pasuruan

Kompas.com – 10/05/2021, 05:37 WIB
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Khofifah and Gus Ipul exhibited Bipang Jangkar, typical snacks from the city of Pasuruan (Documentation of Public Relations of the East Java Provincial Government)

Writer: Surabaya Contributor, Achmad Faizal | Editor Pythag Kurniati

SURABAYA, KOMPAS.com – In the midst of controversial statements related to the archipelago’s culinary name “bipang”, East Java Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa and Pasuruan Mayor Saifullah Yusuf (Gus Ipul) promoted a typical Pasuruan snack called Bipang Jangkar.

Sunday (9/5/2021), the two regional leaders directly inspected the place of manufacture as well as the shop where Bipang Jangkar is sold, on Lombok Street, Panggungrejo District, Pasuruan City.

“Bipang Jangkar is a traditional street food from Pasuruan City which is legendary in East Java, it has been around for 72 years,” said Khofifah in a release received by Kompas.com Sunday night.

Made from rice

He ensures that the Bipang Jangkar is halal to consume because it is made from processed rice.

“Bipang Jangkar is halal. It is made from rice which is processed into various flavors. This is not Bipang that is being talked about,” said Khofifah.

Bipang Jangkar is one of the typical regional snacks in East Java.

“Whenever there is a religious recitation forum in Pasuruan city, Bipang Jangkar is always served,” explained Khofifah.

Bipang Jangkar snack was pioneered in 1940 by the Kwee Pwee Bhook family. This snack is well known among sailors who stop at Pasuruan Harbor to be used as souvenirs.

Trending topic

As is known, Twitter social media throughout Saturday (8/5/2021) was busy with the hashtag #Bipang.

Bipang was widely discussed after the publication of a video of President Joko Widodo’s speech inviting the public to buy culinary online on Indonesia’s Proudly Made Day (Hari Bangga Buatan Indonesia).

Bipang Ambawang is one of the culinary delights promoted by the President.

“Eid is coming soon. However, because we are still in a pandemic atmosphere, the government has banned  homecoming tradition for our safety together. Now, ladies and gentlemen, those who miss regional culinary delights or homecoming tradition with souvenirs, don’t hesitate to order them online, ” said Jokowi in his speech video, Saturday (8/5/2021).

“Those who miss eating Gudeg Yogya, Bandeng Semarang, Siomay Bandung, Pempek Palembang, Bipang Ambawang from Kalimantan, and others, just order and your favorite food will be delivered to your home,” said the President.

Minister of Trade Muhammad Lutfi, in his video statement, invited the public to see the context of the President’s speech as a whole.

He said the contents of the President’s speech were aimed at all Indonesian people consisting of various tribes, religions and cultures who have the culinary wealth of the archipelago from various regions.

“So once again, the regional specialties mentioned by Mr. President in the video are to promote the culinary arts of the archipelago, which are indeed very diverse,” he said.

Minister Lutfi also invited the public to be proud and promote the diverse culinary arts of the archipelago so that they can drive the economy, especially Small Medium Enterprises.

As the person in charge of the event, the Ministry of Trade ensured that the President’s statement did not mean anything.

“We apologize profusely if there is a misunderstanding because our intention is only to make us all proud of domestic products, including various culinary specialties from the region and respect for the diversity of the nation,” said M Lutfi.

Source : https://regional.kompas.com/read/2021/05/10/053755478/heboh-soal-bipang-khofifah-dan-gus-ipul-pamer-bipang-jangkar-khas-kota?page=all


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