Since 1949 Bipang Jangkar has made bipang (puffed rice cake), one of the Pasuruan food souvenirs that is well known in Indonesia. Our products are  bipang (puffed-rice cake) and pop corn made from selected materials and have received permission from the Ministry of Health on Home Industry.  To know more about our products, please take a look.


Bipang is derived from Mandarin or Chinese words “Bi” means rice and “Pang” means fragrance. Bipang is a snack made from puffed-rice which is mixed with sugar and vanilla flavorings. The puffed-rice is obtained from selected rice which is treated in a high pressure so that it can puffed perfectly. In the manufacturing process, bipang is not fried, it means that bipang is fat free food. Besides that, it is also gluten free and low sodium. It is also suitable for vegetarians. It is without preservatives, so it safe for your health. Bipang is the right choice for those of you who love snacking.
Just try our signature product, vanilla puffed rice cakes, or caramel pop corn. Taste the difference.

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